Measuring for Fireplace Tiles

The great advantage of having tile 'made for' your fireplace is that pieces can be sized precisely for your dimensions, minimizing the need for cutting tile.

How to Measure your Fireplace for tile :

1. Print out the fireplace measurement drawing which follows. Measure the area to be tiles as indicated in the drawing. Fill in the blanks A through G. Check your measurements in several places. It would seem that the "leg" would be a consistent dimension all the way up and down, however, it often varies. Note the smallest measurement, as the grout lines can always be eased out to fill at a larger point.

2. If the inside edge (indicated with the green line) and the outside edge (indicated by the red line) will be abutting a material [perhaps a gas insert on the inside and a wooden mantle on the outside], then no special edge treatment is needed. If, however, there will be no abutting material, you might want the tile to have a finished edge. This can be accomplished with either a bullnose(rolled edge) or a fully glazed square edge. Each option adds to the cost of the tile. (A bullnosed edge adds $2 per tile ; a fully glazed square edge adds $1 per tile.)

3. Choose the tile (the fun part). As you can see by the sample drawings and photographs there are many options and numerous combinations. check out our single tile pages for relief tiles and don't forget to look up colors on the glaze colors page.

If you would like a suggestion or two, send us your filled out measurement form and note which sample fireplace or which decorative tiles you find most appealing. A photo of your fireplace would also be helpful . Please send to : Starbuck Goldner Tile, 315 W. Fourth St. Bethlehem, PA 18015.


Any special treatment on the inside edge (indicated by the green line) ?________________
If so, do you want a nosed edge or a glazed edge ? __________________
Any special treatment on the outside edge (indicated by the red line) ?________________
If so, do you want a nosed edge or a glazed edge ? _________________

Choose your tile and list :
List any decorative tile first.
We can figure out how many blank tiles you need to fill around the decorative elements.
We can also calculate how many edge tiles or border tiles you will need to edge the firebox or outside edge.

 Tile  Color   Finished edge?  How many ?