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610-866-6321 OR steven (at) starbucktile.com

  • To order single tiles, note the name directly under the tile, and the color desired. Please choose from our thirty glaze colors. The link is below the tiles shown.

  • To order mirror frames, note the style name under the frame, the size, and the color/s desired. The frames can be glazed in many color combinations. The link for the glaze colors is below the mirror frames shown.

  • If you are ordering tile for installation, we would be glad to consult with you regarding quantity. Please call with all relevant information including: the measurements of the space to be tiled, the adjoining conditions (will the tile abut woodwork or is a finished edge on the tile needed?), tile style and glaze color. Choose form any of our thirty glaze colors. The link is at the bottom of the single tile pages. Our tiles are often installed as an accent alongside mass produced tile. A border of our tile can enhance a plain back splash. Tiling a fireplace is a great way to add your personality to a space. With your measurements, we can trim the tiles to fit your space.

  • If you are interested in any of the tile tables, please call for further information.


Starbuck Goldner tiles are handmade with great attention and care. The orders are individually glazed when received. Orders will be filled as quickly as the studio schedule allows, generally, 4-5 weeks after payment is received. Allow 8 weeks for larger orders. Please call to discuss any scheduling concerns. A 50% down payment is required to start production. Orders will not be shipped until final payment had been received..


Shipping / packing costs are based on weight and will be estimated when the order is placed. Any damage that occurs during shipping is the responsibility of the shipper.

Buyers will be emailed on the day of shipment. Orders are normally shipped UPS Standard Ground 5-7 Days.


Returns will be accepted only with prior Starbuck Goldner approval. All orders are carefully inspected before packing; no defective material will be shipped.

Please be aware that every effort has been made to represent glaze colors accurately as well as to produce tiles with color consistency. However, the handmade ceramic process typically instills variation in glaze color and tile shape. These subtle differences bring spirit to the work. Please expect variation.

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