One Of A Kind Work

This installation piece was made for the show "Eight Concepts" which was sponsored by The American Crafts Council and NCECA in 1988. This show traveled from Washington University Gallery of Art, St Louis MO to The American Craft Museum, NYC. The floor is a combination of trapezoids and pentagons made of colored clays. The table is a wood torsion box top covered with tile. The legs of the table are also covered with tile and are removable for ease of shipping. The windows are translucent leaded glass panels mounted in wood frames that are tiled on the face. The chair rail is made of flat and relief tile mounted on wood in 4 sections. The frieze is also mounted on 4 separate pieces of plywood, but these pieces are slip cast forms. The concept of our entry in this show was that tile can be anything but ordinary yet still be functional.

A house number mosaic made in the "Mercer" tradition.


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